Support Services

Take the first step towards a comprehensive understanding of your child’s health with our health assessment services at Sakura Health and Wellness. We commit to being precise, collaborative, and personally care as your child strives towards optimal well-being.

Support services

At Sakura Health & Wellness, we recognise the profound impact of psycho-social factors on a child;s well-being.
Social Skills Development

Our social skills development programs focus on enhancing a child’s and young person’s ability to navigate social interactions, build connections, and develop meaningful relationships. Through engaging activities and therapeutic interventions, we empower children and young people to navigate the complexities of social dynamics with confidence.

Emotional Regulation Workshops

Emotional regulation is a fundamental aspect of mental well-being. Our workshops provide practical tools and strategies to help children and young people recognise, understand, and manage their emotions constructively. These programs promote emotional resilience and empower children to cope with life’s challenges.

Anxiety & Stress Management

In a safe and supportive environment, our programs address anxiety and stressors commonly experienced by children and young people. Through evidence-based techniques, we equip them with coping mechanisms, promoting a sense of calm and enhancing their ability to navigate stressors effectively.

Bullying Prevention & Resilience Building

Our programs focus on fostering resilience in children and young people, empowering them to navigate bullying situations confidently. Through workshops and interactive sessions, we provide tools for conflict resolution, assertiveness, and self-advocacy, creating a resilient mindset.

Self-Esteem Enhancement

Building a positive self-image is crucial for a child and young person’s overall well-being. Our programs focus on enhancing self-esteem through activities that promote self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a positive sense of identity.

Empower your child and/or young person with the tools for emotional resilience, social confidence, and positive self-expression through Sakura Health and Wellness’ psycho-social support programs. Explore how our expert-led initiatives can make a lasting impact on your child’s psycho-social development.