Clinical Services

Take the first step towards a comprehensive understanding of your child’s health with our health assessment services at Sakura Health and Wellness. We commit to being precise, collaborative, and personally care as your child strives towards optimal well-being

Clinical Services

Paediatric Psychology

Our psychology practice forms the heart of Sakura, providing psychological care for children and adolescents. Led by experienced professionals, we focus on fostering mental and emotional well-being in a supportive environment. Our psychologists are all registered with AHPRA.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists work collaboratively with families to enhance the skills children need for daily activities. From fine motor skills to sensory processing, we create tailored interventions to promote independence and confidence. Our occupational therapists are all registered with AHPRA.

Speech Therapy

Communication is a key pillar of childhood development. Our speech therapists specialise in addressing speech and language challenges, ensuring that every child can communicate effectively and confidently. Our speech pathologists are Certified Practicing Speech Pathologists approved by Speech Pathology Australia.


Physical well-being is paramount. Our physiotherapists employ evidence-based techniques to address musculoskeletal and motor development concerns, promoting optimal physical health for children. Our physiotherapists are all registered with AHPRA.

Exercise Physiology

Designed to complement our physiotherapy services, our exercise physiologists focus on enhancing overall fitness and well-being in children. Tailored exercise programs support physical development and promote a healthy lifestyle. Our Exercise Physiologists are accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia.


Nutrition is fundamental to a child’s growth and development. Our dietitians specialise in paediatric nutrition, offering personalised dietary plans and guidance to ensure that every child receives the nutrients needed for optimal health. Our Dietitians are accredited with Dietitians Australia.

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